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  1. Hmm... well I can deal with it. It's worth it being that this is the best music player i've ever used on a mobile device (including dedicated music players.) Do you know of a way that I can do it manually? I assume I can rename all of the artists in windows explorer. Another thing I might try is to put each album into a folder that is named after the artist then just use the folder browsing menu. If a dev sees this though, I would like to see this feature implemented as this is going to be a pain with the hundreds of albums that I have on here.
  2. Hello all! I am a music lover who is new to the world of Android music players as I have just switched to a Razr HD (great phone btw, especially with an unlocked bootloader+roms). I am using the full version of Poweramp and I absolutely love it. It works like a charm and the adjustments I can make are mind blowing coming from an iPhone. I do have one issue though that I think would be easily fixed. That issue would be the fact that I have many albums that have features on them as I am into Hip-Hop. When I am in the artist menu in my library, it sets those songs that have features as separate artists. For example, Lil Wayne has countless features on his mixtapes but instead of those songs being in his library, it puts them as a whole new artist. Now I have like 10 different sections for Lil Wayne/<Other artists name>. I was wondering if there was a setting somewhere that I could organize my artists in a way that would put all of those into the Lil Wayne section. Thanks for the help!
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