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  1. I wanted to add an old playlist in m3u8 format to Poweramp.

    So I copied it to a folder, added it to music folders then tapped rescan.


    When i went back to library, everything was gone !!!!


    For some reason, when i selected the new folder he unselected the old folder !!

    I lost all my playlist, since there was no musics in library !!!


    I re-added the old folder but it was too late, all playlists are empty now !


    PS: Pardon my bad english.

  2. Hi,


    some features I really miss from desktop players:


    > Multiple selection options

    -- You would be able to select multiple songs on a playlist and that selection would have many options like delete and such.


    > Move multiple songs

    -- Also with that selection I would like to be able move these items to another position inside the playlist. Some times when I add many new songs to the phone, I have to move one song at a time...


    > Edit playlist from PC

    -- It would be great to edit playlist from PC without exporting the playlist. Or at least provide us an simple application for PC just for that.



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