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  1. I create a new folder and I put a song. The file is named track01.mp3. I make a re-analysis and then I reopen the Poweramp. When I play it says me "List finished"
  2. I make a full Rescan and nothing. When I do a info/Tags I see for instance: /storage/emulated/0/Musica/2004 - 28.000 puñaladas/01 - La rueca.mp3. If I go to these path I check that the file exits. Also with other audio player I can play the audio Any help please?
  3. Hi. I have the full versión. Before I upgrade to 4.3 I dont have any problems IF I select only one folder music to scan ( that have 11 songs only) it fails Please help
  4. Poweramp versión 2.0.9 build 530 Nexus 4 Versión 4.3 Any help please. I attach you the catlog in a Mail Thanks and sorry for muy english
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