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  1. It may be rude but as this forum are mainly public (questions and answers) it is pretty useless to harass us. After all we are Poweramp users just like you. It is sad that people use this forum just to complain then will vanish completely once their issue are solved. Anyway, as I said, maybe this is a *bug* due to "no sim in phone". I doubt this is a wanted "feature". And, once again: I just don't know, I've made a supposition.
  2. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1826-Poweramp-unlockerpurchase-issues/
  3. - You do not need to be rude, - Why don't you read the message on top of this forum ? - You do not need to be rude, - You do not need to be constantly connected to use Poweramp. I'm not and it is working fine. Maybe you need to be connected the first time you run it or maybe there is an issue because there is no SIM card in your phone... - You do not need to be rude,
  4. Hello, Take a look here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1826-Poweramp-unlockerpurchase-issues/
  5. Me? No. Let's hope MaxMp will see this post...
  6. Did you download the unlocker ? This is a separate app. On your phone, go to the Android Market, look into "my application" and search for the "Power Amp Unlocker". Open its page and there either download or execute it (this is the only place where you can run it).
  7. Muhahahaahaha. I do Know there was a limit ! Thanks by the way for this chage
  8. I just downloaded the 2.0 (update of the 1.4) and it runs well. I'm pretty happy with the grid view but I would like to know if it is possible to reduce the size of the album cover ? Currently, on my SG2, I only see 4 full covers and 2 half cover. I would like to see more than 4 and 2 half. Also, can I remove the album's name and artist ? I have the cover so I do not need them and with the "gained surface", more covers can be displayed. By the way, 2.0 doesn't handdle pictures as the previous version. I have rename all the picture to "cover.jpg" in order to make it work. Also, some pictures are not handled because they are too big. I do not know if they are too big in KB or in "pixel". I donwsized them by 50% and they are now handled correctly.
  9. Hello, I'm currently using 1.4 full - I still have features to discover, probably and I haven't try 2.0 beta yet - but I would like to know if it will be possible to add some options to the "start screen" in V2. Currently my start screen is: (v1.4 full screen) I would like to start a bit "deeper", like this: (this comes from the standart SG2 mp3 player) Will it be possible / is it already possible in V2 (beta) ? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  10. I'm sorry if it has been asked / answered before: can I install the beta version on the same device I installed 1.4 (full) ? Can the two versions "live" together on the same phone ?
  11. Thanks for this answer. I'm still in 1.4 - I just bought it - and I'll wait for the final of V2.
  12. Hello, I just downloaded the trial version of Power Amp (Android) and I'm browsing through the numerous options. I would like to know if it is possible to have the library / album / directory displayed as the image below? This is from the default player on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Thanks in advance for your answer.
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