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  1. Hi, Would it be possible to make this an option? I listen using headphones, so there is no issue with the music playing while I use the voice for typing, etc.. Thanks, Adolfo
  2. I heard a lot about the new under-the-hood gingerbread (android os 2.3) improvements to the music encoding, etc. Any plans to make use of it? By the way, the app runs well under my version of 2.3 Thanks, Adolfo
  3. Yeah, I hesitated at first because I thought it would wake up by accident but that hardly ever happens, and now I'm just so used to holding my N1and double clicking the trackball with my thumb (to skip the lockscreen) that I miss this function when playing music. I'm using CM 6.1 (soon 7 for gingerbread) for Nexus one, and I have come to like so many features like long-press volume keys to simulate headset controls, etc.
  4. Hi, I'm finally using this lockscreen with the big widget since it doesn't conflict with trackball to unlock when I'm not playing music. What I wanted to request as a feature would be that I noticed you can use the trackball point and click to interact with the buttons on the screen (maybe an option to disable if people are pressing by accident too much?) so since I use the trackball to wake the device, my usual next action is to click again to unlock, but the default placement for the trackball is on the play/pause, so this ends up pausing the playback. What I wanted to request was if you could place the default location on the unlock button, so that for me (and any users using CM or a trackball to unlock mod) a double click on the trackball would wake and unlock even while playing music and using the lockscreen. Thanks! Adolfo
  5. Or another variant could be playing songs from the folder that *haven't* been played recently, so that there is a fair distribution.. Or a variant of shuffle which shuffles a folder without repetition until all songs are played..
  6. Yeah or even just a few variants of shuffle, I find the shuffle algorithm plays the same songs sometimes? Maybe like a smart shuffle, which plays songs that have been played to completion (without skipping) or one that assigns higher probability to songs of the same genre..
  7. Hi, I was wondering, since I don't use the custom lockscreen but would really like to know which song is playing by looking at the lockscreen, if you could code in a step further the ticker always showing currently playing track? Not sure but I think this way i would be able to read the ticker without unlocking... Thanks! Adolfo
  8. You can use CyanogenMod custom ROM, which among other things allows you to simulate the next and prev headset buttons by a long press on the volume keys..
  9. Yep, it is one of the many super useful features of that ROM. (nevermind the speed and customizability, just get the 6.1 on the xda site, wipe and flash and you should be good).
  10. For the sake of completeness I would just like to clarify the original feature request was an automatic "recently added" PL, like on the stock player, but which would organize the songs added in the past few weeks by order added (across all folders)..
  11. This is available if you flash CyanogenMod, which is a free custom ROM
  12. Yeah sorry I only saw this option after and reworked my library into a few folders only (instead of a folder per artist like itunes or doubletwist has it) and this is fine for me, thanks! For the lockscreen I guess you have your hands full with people asking you left and right for different things but on my nexus 1 I have CM and I use the trackball to wake and unlock (unlock by double clicking). If the Poweramp lockscreen was unlocked by this (it gets woken, so I see the lockscreen, but a second trackball click doesn't unlock) it would really suit all my needs, thanks!
  13. Funny, I was just going to start a post with that same title... Poweramp is great, one of the few purchases I have made. Here are my two cents/suggestions: -Please make lockscreen more like a 'real' lockscreen, at least so it responds to trackball wake and unlock when enabled under cyanogenmod.. -Ability to sort all songs. I don't use folders, only have the one, but I add a few songs every week to it, and while I usually shuffle the whole folder all the time, I would really like to be able to view/play the folder by 'date added'.. Thanks and keep up the good work!
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