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  1. It would be great to have a widget with a scrollable list of albums and/or playlists. It sort of would make more sense to select that in a widget instead of having another duplicate of the player controls which are already on the lockscreen and the notifications curtain, I think. An example of a clean layout type, used by Uwe Trottmann's SeriesGuide: http://goo.gl/gntulr
  2. On the Galaxy S2, you just enable the Samsung voice recognition instead of Google. (settings>voice input and output>voice recognition). Then just say "Hi Galaxy!" followed by whatever you want the phone to do, like playing music. =)
  3. Personally I think Poweramp is an awesome player, with one huge flaw; the lock screen app is not good. I was considering for a long time to suggest for you to try and achieve the simplicity of Samsung's functional ditto, including a slide-to-unlock feature. However, this week I accidentally stumbled over an old nifty Live Wallpaper that mimic a Walkman cassette player. After a couple of seconds brainstorming I realized that this would be a perfect Lock Screen App! Maybe based on a design like this: http://i.telegraph.c...an_1746181a.jpg With a visible, animated tape inside showing the current
  4. It would be a winner if the lockscreen controls was as un-intrusive as Samsungs own. Also need a notifications control app. The lack of these two things are the reason I'm still using the stock TouchWiz player.
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