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  1. It would be great to have a widget with a scrollable list of albums and/or playlists. It sort of would make more sense to select that in a widget instead of having another duplicate of the player controls which are already on the lockscreen and the notifications curtain, I think. An example of a clean layout type, used by Uwe Trottmann's SeriesGuide: http://goo.gl/gntulr
  2. On the Galaxy S2, you just enable the Samsung voice recognition instead of Google. (settings>voice input and output>voice recognition). Then just say "Hi Galaxy!" followed by whatever you want the phone to do, like playing music. =)
  3. Personally I think Poweramp is an awesome player, with one huge flaw; the lock screen app is not good. I was considering for a long time to suggest for you to try and achieve the simplicity of Samsung's functional ditto, including a slide-to-unlock feature. However, this week I accidentally stumbled over an old nifty Live Wallpaper that mimic a Walkman cassette player. After a couple of seconds brainstorming I realized that this would be a perfect Lock Screen App! Maybe based on a design like this: http://i.telegraph.c...an_1746181a.jpg With a visible, animated tape inside showing the current song written on it with some hand-written font of course. Roughly something like this: http://i44.tinypic.com/28vwrnk.jpg The best would perhaps to render some transparent plastic above the tape and of course tape wheels rotating the tape. Most phones are usually black around the display today, so a deep black theme for the frame would probably work best to make the lock screen appear like a seamless part of the physical phone. Player controls and unlock slider design could be inspired by buttons like these: http://www.walkmance...oducts/wm-ex618 The actual tape animation could either be done by 3D graphics or simply by looping a short HQ shot of an actual tape playing. A 3D render would give the ability to actually use the tape to show how long the player has gone though the current playlist, by moving the tape from left to right. Please at least consider this idea, as I like the Walkman theme, but think it would be a lot more suitable as a lock screen app instead of those wallpaper or basic apps available today. Remember that Android 4.0 will have better notification bar access at the lock screen, so any other info on the lock screen might just clutter the layout. A small and visible popup on the lock screen showing the number of missed calls and messages would be useful though.
  4. It would be a winner if the lockscreen controls was as un-intrusive as Samsungs own. Also need a notifications control app. The lack of these two things are the reason I'm still using the stock TouchWiz player.
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