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  1. I've been posting and requesting tweaks for the crossfader since 2012. I see in the alpha build that some things have been added, but not, in my opinion, that which is necessary. Namely, the ability to choose the length of the fade-in/fade-out. Not the actual crossfade length. For example; being able to completely disable the fade-in and thereby allowing the current track to fade-out whilst the incoming track comes in a full volume, without a fade-in. Whilst working on this new version surely it would be as good a time as any to implement this change?
  2. I came here because recently I've had this exact problem. Despite having "auto-advance from queue" ticked, the song or songs in the queue kept repeating and it was driving me mental! andrewilley, you solved this already here, mate: I had the playlist in the main UI set to repeat list instead of advance. Fixed that and now it's sorted! Cheers muchly, andrewilley! Your ubiquitous presence on these forums seems to help plenty of people
  3. Almost 2 years since I first posted on this subject, so I thought I'd check in. Unbelievably, nothing's happened. I wouldn't mind a comment from someone in charge or on the developement team as to if this is just never, ever going to happen? I'm not a programmer, but is this really that difficult to implement? I'm pretty positive that I'm not alone in thinking that this would be a nice addition to the settings. Cheers.
  4. Just thought I'd check back 15 months later and nothing's happened. Strange, because the updates are not totally infrequent. It's not a hard thing to do either. I wonder why the techies at Poweramp ignore this?
  5. I've seen a few threads about a more configurable crossfader, but none of them seem to have been answered or acknowledged by a Mod or anyone representing Poweramp. I'd like a crossfader with more options ala Winamp. Being able to set both the fade-in and fade-out time and thereby being able, if so desired, to disable fade-in entirely and also to shorten the fade-out time etc. Would a Mod or someone like to comment on this? Cheers.
  6. This is the reason I signed up for the forums......to be able to custom configure the crossfader just as in Winamp. I'd simply like to be able to choose "fade out with no fade in". Any mod like to reply to this thread?
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