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  1. At least it got solved for both of us.. and now I am aware of that.
  2. It seems it solved itself. Turns out I had to wait for a bit (hours) for google play to update (even with sync on earlier) that I had uninstalled it, I guess.
  3. Update. Even though the install button on google play is "$3.99" instead of "Purchased", when I click on it, I get an error. "Error while retrieving information server. [bM-PPH-01]" Nevertheless, that means if I were to install on another device or even if I did a factory reset on my phone for no apparent reason, I would not be able to install full version of Poweramp which I paid for.
  4. Hello, I purchased the unlocked off Google Play in 2012. I have install this on my other devices successfully until today I noticed a message in the player saying: Failed to verify license. Then I uninstalled and went to the Google Play to reinstall it. But it is prompting me to buy the unlocker again. Can this be looked into? When I purchased it, it was $4.99 now it's $3.99. Could it be because it is a "different" listing/app? I do not wish to pay again for something I bought and is per google account (I did not change account) EDIT:- From the FAQ: In my case, reinstall is n
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