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  1. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not facing this issue alone! Since my 1st post, I observed quite sometime to see when will v3's auto resume work. It seems that auto resume would work if I just quit the app / stop music for a short period of time (even if I switch to other media player (e.g. YouTube/ music player) in the meantime). However, if Poweramp left idle for a longer time, auto resume would not work. In previous version, the auto resume would work no matter the situation. I quite missed this auto resume function.
  2. Thank you for your reply @clever__man! Before updating, even if I launch other media app (e.g. watch youtube) then inserted the plug of my wired earphone, Poweramp would automatically launch. After the update, I found this little problem occurs inconsistently. Sometimes the auto resume works, sometimes not. After viewing your reply, I tried the following: 1.Play music in Poweramp 2. Stop music 3.Watch YouTube clips 4. Plug out my earphone 5. Plug in my earphone Poweramp will auto resume my last song occasionally, but not every time. Feeling a little bit confused what's wrong.😅
  3. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Android 8.1). Before update to v3 build 808, when I plug in the wired headphones, Poweramp will play music automatically in all situations. However, after update to the said build, the auto resume function not start every time. I have checked "Resume on wired headset” and ”Keep service” options on in Poweramp menu. Poweramp is also included in the white list of power saving of android. Is there anything I have missed to have auto resume start every time? Thanks for any reply in advance!
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