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  1. Thanks for the update, It's a good version.
  2. I have mi 5 too ,and use the Android 8.0 rom, but I do have the OpenSL HD function.
  3. I'm using a Xiaomi 5 phone, when I update android 7.0 rom from Xiaomi, the Hi res option always failed open, it says: Failed: Poweramp Hi res exp output. Then what can I do with that?
  4. 1.Xiaomi 5 2.developed rom 6.12.1(based on android 7.0) 3.Snapdragon 820 CPU support 24 bit 192khz output.
  5. I am a user from China,I want to say this alpha release is great,thanks for hard work.
  6. I think you could write to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com ,they will change your Google account to ordinary Email account maybe.
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