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  1. Can you add magicplay support !!!! It's a airplay like but open source and working with android, it would be very interesting to get it on power amp Cheers Antaine
  2. I don't understand what you mean, everything is working for me with poweranmp, I just would like the dev team to add magic play to Poweramp
  3. Hi there, I'm an user of Poweramp for 4 monthes and I really love this app (appart the UI which, to me, a little refreshment) but today I would like to introduce the MagicPlay, it's a kind of Airplay but it's open sourced and it's working the same way. It has been made by the double twist app tramp and they made the source code available for everyone on GitHub. This can be used for know with for example a raspberry Pi and I hope in the future a lot more devices. This is working the same way as airplay, both devices need to be on the same network and it's working without configuration as you can expect it with airplay. The only thing I don't know is the quality and the latency but I think it's will similar to airplay as it's working the same way. So I'm asking the Dev tramp of Poweramp if this magic thing can be integrated into Poweramp Edit: GitHub link: https://github.com/alljoyn/audio
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