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  1. The library problem I've mentioned in this post still hasn't been addressed. Fig. 1 - compilation albums aren't marked as such (the "True Blood" soundtracks). Fig. 2 - Multivalue genres aren't split, for some obscure reason the semicolons are displayed as colons. The files have standard ID3v2.3 tags created in foobar2000 (ie. "VA" as album artist and the semicolon splitter in multivalue genre field). I didn't check whether multiple artist albums that aren't compilations per se are displayed correctly, but I guess a similar problem applies.
  2. This beta is a solid indication that Poweramp 2.0 might just be the music player app for Android. As an avid CD/LP collectioner also maintaining a humongous digital archive in foobar2000, thorougly tagged (I even have custom tags for the reissue year, media, special mastering like MFSL and transliterated artist/album/title fields, if need apply), I find the addition of ReplayGain most welcome. Honestly, it was the only thing that I have considered missing. And it works just fine, too. Currently testing on the LG GT540 Swift/Optimus running stock Android 2.1, here's my thoughts so far: The Cover Flow-like album art animation tends to lag (already mentioned in one of the previous posts here). Also, when rapidly swiping album art, the player does not keep up, sometimes starts playing the same song twice, sometimes mixes up album art for a few seconds. This does not happen when switching songs using the controls. The headset button (standard issue OEM LG earphones, tried them out today after having the phone for over a year, just to test the functionality) can only start and stop playback. The thing in the settings, double and triple press? Doesn't work. My biggest pet peeve with, presumably, all portable music players on the market today - the complete ignoring of the album artist tag. Take Johnny Cash's album "At San Quentin". There's tracks by Carl Perkins, The Statler Brothers, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash with someone, etc. In library/artists, the tracks are scrambled all over. I stick to using folder view, but still, would be nice to have a standardised, functional library finally implemented by someone, somewhere. The above also applies to compilation albums. I use "VA" in the album artist field, the library completely ignores it. While the tracks are listed as belonging to the same album, they aren't marked as a compilation, but rather one of the artists is displayed as the album artist. The uproar about genre field splitting is absolutely valid in my opinion. Usage of forward slash as a separator has been known to cause multiple issues (AC/DC, anybody?) and is no longer as of ID3v2.4. A semicolon, on the other hand, is the de facto standard used by many players, including foobar2000, which you have mentioned to look up to. And even though I personally use the semicolon when applying multiple genres, they aren't split in the beta. I get something like "Cold Wave:Minimal:Synth". Where the colon character comes from, I have no idea. Where did the "Play All" button go? Hope this helps, eagerly awaiting the full release!
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