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  1. Thanks will give that a try. It was on +2 so will move it up to +3 and then highest if that doesn't work.
  2. Hi It is on a wired headset. There is no reason for the break in sound, I am not doing anything in the phone at the same time and no notifications or messages are coming through. Brett
  3. Hi I have the lg G3 running lollipop 5.0. I am running Poweramp 2.0.10. The problem I have is when listening to music it randomly stops/goes silent for a split second. It is very quick but noticeable and can happen two or three times in a song. Is this a lollipop bug or a G3 issue? I have only owned the g3 for two weeks and had lollipop on it all the time. This didn't happrn on my Sony Xperia Z1 compact running android 4.4.4. Thanks Brett
  4. Hi I am running the latest version on Toshiba at100 (thrive) and I can no longer get into any of the settings menu or eq settings etc. All the buttons are there but when pressed nothing happens. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks Brett
  5. Does Power MP have one? Just want to know before buying a 128gb SD card for my Tosh thrive. Thanks Brett
  6. Seems to work so perfectly on thrive. Thank you!
  7. Not sure what you did but the search function n my tsh thrive works fine now! Thanks!
  8. HI MAXMP search function works fine when music is on tablet memory but crashes when trying to search SD card. I put one album on tab memory and switched of SD card folder and worked fine when I tried a search. Seems like search function doesn't like searchingvthrive SD card for some reason Thanks brett
  9. Still crashes every time I try to do a search. Crashes as soon as I type the second letter of the song/artist I am searching for. Happens if Poweramp is on SD card or saved to device. Toshiba thrive 3.1.
  10. Every time I try and do a search I get a message saying that Poweramp has unexpectantly stopped and I am thrown out. I am using a Toshiba thrive and my music is stored on the SD card whilst Poweramp is on the tablet memory.
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