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  1. can you please help me with this problem? i love Poweramp. but albums show up slowly as i scroll thru them. can you provide a fix?
  2. hi, ... i'm using the beta version... and i dont think Poweramp should be having this problem since i run playerpro.. and the album art shows up as fast as i scroll through the album list.
  3. when i scroll through albums, the scrolling speed is slow and sluggish. i got a fast phone, so its not my phone. is there a way to increase the scrolling speed to make it faster and smoother? is there a file i can maybe edit?
  4. i there a way for me to edit a file in Poweramp to change the color of the font?
  5. how can i change the color of the font in Poweramp to white?
  6. PLEASE!!! revamp the whole interface.. i like the sound that Poweramp produces.. but the interface needs a serious facelift. PLEASE make Poweramp look like PlayerPro. PlayerPro looks soooooo much better and its interface is better.
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