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  1. Hey and thanks for replying! :-) I don't know why my lockscreen shows the english am/pm-time, when I don't use it on my phone in the settings and so on. The original lockscreen shows the time as we use it here in Sweden, 24-hours. Is there anything else that I have to change to make it work in Poweramp lockscreen as well?
  2. Dito, that would be very nice!!! Like in Winamp for PC for example!
  3. I tried Poweramp today and was thinking the exact same thing, a bigger album art in the landscape mode would be so much nicer! Similar to the portraitmode, if possible, because that one is perfect in Poweramp!!!
  4. A very good idea, I think Winamp is doing this, having it in Poweramp would also be super!
  5. Hey, just discovered Poweramp and I am so impressed by it! It rocks and is so far the best player I have seen and tried out, I love it! Great work!!! And keep it going! I noticed one thing that I would like being implemented in a future upgrade...24h-option on the lockscreen, for the time, that would work better for us here in Sweden! And also, an option to choose to queue tracks to a playlist that you are already playing, like in the Winamp-app just released for Android. It's often that I listen to an album, and want to add new tracks to the playlist or album. The queue-function is great! Just some ideas! Keep it going!!!
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