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  1. I went back and selected all the recommended settings and nothing helped. Ignoring the counter altogether, if i create a six song queue and then listen to three of the them, then go into the queue list and select a unplayed song that is not grayed out, the queue will then start completely over and go all the way through every song on the queue, regardless of whether or not its been played yet.
  2. The queue issue I reported on for beta 1 and 2 is still present in my opinion. In version 1.4 it looks as though everytime you added a new song to the queue the play counter would compensate for the songs that had been played and would designate the current track as number 1. In example, lets say Im play a queue thats 7 songs long and the counter displays 3/7, I then add two songs to the queue and go back to the player view. The counter, in version 1.4 would read 1/6 or something similar. The main issue Ive been griping about is that the player doesnt realize that the already played songs should now be unplayable. Sorry if I sound like a broken record. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the new release! Keep up the great work! Ive been promoting Poweramp to all my friends Bug found: Went to playlist, played a 50 Cent song, then went to the same playlist and added six songs to the queue, once I returned to the queue it had album art for Amber Pacific (one of the bands I had just added to the queue). This issue was present in the Beta 2 as well.
  4. In addition to the previous queue problems Ive noted, Ive found something new. I had a queue of three songs playing and I added another, making the total queue count 4. I was on the 3rd song of the queue before adding. When I went back to the player view, the album art of the current song had been replaced with the album art of the next song in the queue even though the song had not changed. This only appears on the actual player view, on the lock screen widget, the correct album art is being displayed.
  5. Maxmp One last thing, if im in the middle of a queue and the display reads 5/15 and I view the queue list and pick a unplayed song, the display then reverts to 1/15 and all the songs play over again, even the previously heard ones. Hope this helps!
  6. maxmp Thanks for the quick reply. Ill try and sum everything up in this post as I dont believe I get another post today according to the posting rules. I normally start a queue when Im already listening to a song. I will search and then find a song and long press, then add to queue. I will continue adding songs to the queue until I get a queue about 15 songs large. The current song finishes and the queue begins and displays 1/15. A few songs will play and it will display 4/15 or something similar. If I view the queue itself, it will have greyed out already played songs. However if I shuffle the songs at all the queue will start over again at 1/15 and depending on the shuffle settings will jump to 6/15 and then maybe back to 1/15. In 1.4 I believe the player constantly kept track of songs that had been played and reduced the count consequently. I apologize if Im not being clear but at the very least I know that something has changed with the queue from 1.4 to 2. Again thanks for the help. It should also be noted that I have repeat turned off.
  7. Great job as usual on Beta 2. I am still having the same problem I reported on with Beta 1. There is something wrong with the queue. No matter what shuffle setting I put the player on it still continues to play every song in the queue whether its been played already or not. In version 1.4 it would only play the unheard songs. Please let me know if I can be more specific. Im using an HTC Evo 4g
  8. Amazing product, I love the old and new Poweramp. Great job! tl:dr: queue not removing recently played songs... A problem Ive found is related to the queue and adding songs to the queue as well as advancing from the queue. In example: While listening to music I decide to add three or four songs to the queue by searching and then long pressing and selecting "Add to queue". Once the current song finishes the queue begins. After a few songs I add three or more songs to the queue, and this is where the problem begins. The songs on the queue Ive already played replay as if adding new songs to the queue has messed up the order of songs somehow. Either that, or its not removing from the queue, songs that have been played already. I believe the shuffle setting was set to "songs".
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