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  1. No! It was clearly a bug. I deleted a single track while listening to it via the menu key (not in the list of music but at player, menu, more, delete). Then, as described, it didnt skipped as usual in 1.4 but kept playing the song and the "deleting..." stood there for 30sek, the app crashed and all the music was gone. Just the songs, the folders and covers etc. remained. There wasnt any question about multiple files to delete, just the usual for a single one. I dont know if its reproducible i didnt tried deleting since, but maybe i will after backing up.
  2. Hello! Why isnt my post there?!?! I just wanted to warn everybody that this beta deleted ALL MY MUSIC after I selected 1 track to delete. so please fix this and the others be careful.
  3. Hello! Poweramp is awesome!! but there is a big bug in the beta: I wanted to delete a file, it stuck on deleting (without skipping the track you're deleting) for about half a minute, then it crashed. I reopened and saw that it deleted all my music! That's pretty annoying since i don't know what i had exactly on the phone...
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