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  1. Forgot to mention, I would love to have this built in to Poweramp 2.0 for Honeycomb users: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.nkahoang.powerampnotification&feature=search_result The notification control part, not the Kinect part! It is a bit flakey so a built-in version would obviously work better!
  2. Love the improvements in this beta, especially the redesign for landscape view on tablets! Only problems encountered so far: - Lots of force closes (although music keeps playing which is good!). One way I have found to replicate an FC is if I press Next on my Bluetooth headset 5 times in a row fairly quickly, doesn't seem to happen if I do the same using the icon or by swiping - Most of the time I usually just want to use 'Shuffle All', at present this requires five clicks from the player screen: Menu > Folders/Lib > Menu > More > Shuffle All Would it be possible to have a Shuffle All icon in the top right of the Folders/Lib screen at all? - The new Grid view is awesome! Is there a way to use higher res thumbnails (maybe as an option for high-end devices only?) Great work!
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