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  1. Is there no tool that exports a proper M3U playlist from Poweramp? To my understanding M3U playlists include other information like song length to help identify a song without its file path so that programs like iTunes can duplicate playlists from computers with differently formatted music collections. I have done this sort of playlist transfer before and have never had problems because the playlists were true M3U files. However Poweramp produces an M3U8 file and it has no reference to anything but the file path. I have about 27 playlists I am trying to share and sadly my phones music coll
  2. Background Info: I have a Galaxy S3 and the most update to date version of Jelly Bean, as well as the most recent version of Poweramp.I have thousands of songs and dozens of playlists, all saved to my extra 64gb microSD card.Poweramp has successfully loaded many playlists from iTunes through iSyncrI have a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Macbook pro with 8 GB of memory running 10.7.5My iTunes version is 11.0.4My Goal: I want to export a playlist I created (from scratch) in Poweramp. I then want to load that playlist file into iTunes (which has an identical song library as Poweramp thanks to iSyncr). And
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