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  1. I have been using Poweramp for little over a year now and I find it to be the best music player on the Google Play store. Though recently I've been experiencing static crackling and popping noises through my earphones. This is not a consistent thing but however is really annoying when I'm listening to quieter tracks. I've tested to make sure it's not the earphones by listening to music on YouTube and other music players and it's not my earphones. I don't really want to get rid of Poweramp as I paid for it. I've tried changing the priority settings to high and the buffer settings, it made little difference. Could someone please help. My phone is a NEXUS 4.
  2. With lots of apps updating their themes and font to fit in with the theme introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich. I just thought that Poweramp, being such a successful app would put this into consideration.
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