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  1. Hey all, first time poster here. Been searching for an answer to this for a few days to no avail. While Poweramp is running it's chewing up my battery. Evo 4G LTE, the following are stats I have gathered just today alone. My question is this, is the drain caused by Poweramp or Android? Just so I know who to cry to, seeing how I spent money on this product and as it sits is somewhat unusable. "Using GSAM battery monitor I can see that once I start Poweramp using earbuds I have a major battery drain. System *wakelock* detail AudioOut_4 is active the entire time Poweramp is running. Included *wakelock* processes are mediaserver. GSAM is showing my phone "held awake" the entire time Poweramp is running. After running Poweramp for 2 hours and 38 minutes, my cpu usage for said wakelock is 29m 51s. keep awake time is 2h 38m. number of wakelocks is 136, and app UID is 1013. Also need to mention System *wakelock* .com.maxmpz.audioplayer.playerservice,. Included packages "Poweramp full version unlocker", Included processes are *wakelock* com.maxmpz.audioplayer. Was also running, but for a much shorter time. had 59 wakelocks, app UID 10209. Keep awake was only 5m 33s." I've tried turning off all the posible options I can think of through Poweramp with no noticeable luck. Has anyone found a fix for this? From what I've found through Google, this has been an issue for some time.
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