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  1. Quick feedback on using the Beta 1. What I like 1. The sound is much better. The equaliser pre-set is the best I've used on a music app. I get a richer bass and can turn down the volume. 2. The new interface is great, but I feel that there will be a steep learning curve for newbies in working out what happens. What doesn't work 1. Don't know what "Tone on" means, needs to be in the help file. 2. Album art doesn't work with Cover Art Download as it use to. Is this deliberate? 3. Album art set in player doesn't show up in Album / Library mode. Can't pursuade the app to accept album art in library mode where its missing. Wish list 1. Really wish that the app had an exit option in the menu 2. When I scroll through songs the A-Z helper has disappeared. I hope that it comes back. Its reallly helpful in locating songs, artists and albums 3. Really wish that folder / Artist mode had visual pointers / Album covers Overall very happy with the Beta so far.
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