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  1. Thanks for the response Magadaner but I've already done this and in some cases, it only updates the thumbnail for the individual track rather than for the whole album (and the master thumbnail in the overall 'Albums' list.
  2. Hi Sorry but have a noobie 'idiot' question having just purchased the full version of Poweramp for the first time after switching from being a solid N7Player fan (and loving the experience/improved sound so far). However, the brilliant capability to automatically grab artwork for my albums has let me down on a couple of examples. I know it's probably possible but just can't work it out and wondered if I'm able to replace the chosen artwork with my own artwork and if so, what's the process? Am I able to search online through the app itself, or can I track down a thumbnail online, save it somewhere on my phone and then grab it (through the app) from there? Any help would be brilliant! Many thanks BTD
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