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  1. It's in the works, this year) Thanks!
  2. We've tried HTC One @ 4.4.2 (4.19.401.8) and found no issues with playing or file skipping (tested Poweramp build 544). This was a new, clean install of Poweramp on just-factory-reset device, though. Most probably, something in update corrupts Poweramp db on the device, I would suggest cleaning Poweramp data in Settings / Apps. Thus, there is no issue with 4.19.401.8 and Poweramp build 544, but there may be issues with other 4.4.2 HTC Roms / user device environments. To investigate, we need a Logcat captured with apps like Catlog under root (as 4.4 requires root for log capturing) or via adb. UPDATE: our HTC One is euro version. Apparently, issue hits non-Euro devices. Can please anyone with Poweramp affected send us or post your /proc/mounts file? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the report. We're waiting for 4.4 on our HTC One. It seems there is a serious issue with HTC One 4.4 filesystem, but we'll be able to say for sure when OTA arrives.
  4. Uninstall, install latest build. We can't say anything more as you haven't provided any details about your Poweramp version/build, device, android os. Thanks!
  5. Please uninstall Poweramp, and install clean copies from Play/this website, as your Poweramp signature is not ours - thus this is not our app or that app is modified by 3rd parties. Thanks!
  6. Poweramp has no any code to delete m3u files automatically. Can you please check and confirm m3u file is deleted (in other file manager)? Thanks!
  7. Actually, we already enabled it by some other user request, so next update includes this. Thanks!
  8. We don't keep any wakelocks (even if optional wakelock is enabled) after Playback pause, "suspend_backoff" is not held by Poweramp, so this is out of scope of Poweramp app. It seems like BT subsystem/driver issue. Regarding stock player component vs Poweramp a2dp connections, it depends on Android version (almost each major Android release has a bit or completely implementation of BT stack, and some OEMs have it different in their ROMs as well), so it's hard to say, but Poweramp uses AudioTrack java API to play its audiobuffers, while stock media player plays via native level API. Still, that AudioTrack API ends using that final native level API, so from BT point of view there is little difference. Thank!
  9. Why do you think your device can play music while completely sleeping? This is not possible unless there is a separate DSP and CPU chips (and then they will be awoke). Existing wakelock doesn't mean that there is a drain. Music playing is continuous process and system can't go sleep completely, so there are wakelocks (optionally held by Poweramp, System media server, audio driver, etc.). If you have battery drains in your system, please look elsewhere - Poweramp power usage is very low (I would say, it the lowest for audio players on Play) and confirmed/verified by millions of our users as such. Thanks!
  10. Poweramp temporarily enables some wakelocks: there is optional one for playing (optional, because there is also system level wakelocks), and when file scanner runs. The optional playing service wakelock is only required for some (bugged) ROMs with wakelock removed from system audio subsystem. This system audio subsystem wakelock is absolutely required as Android audio needs cpu to fill hardware audio buffers (and do the decoding in player app, like Poweramp). Device still can partially sleep and go to very deep sleep states between buffer fills. But that system level wakelock is still there. Why it's present for AudioTrack API and is not present for system media player - mostly because in system media player it's not visible to usual tools (not java API layer wakelock). Thanks!
  11. Приветствую. Вы удивитесь, но платформа Андроид от Гугл в принципе не поддерживала более одного Storage (хранилища) до 4.4.2 (SDK Level 19). До 4.4.2 поддержка хранилищ обеспечивалась OEMами самостоятельно, кто как сможет. В 4.4.2 поддержка более одного хранилища появилась, но с сюрпризом от гугла - более приложения не имеет доступа на запись (удаление, создание папок) на хранилищах далее первого. Внятного объяснения такой политики Гуглом не дано, наверное это имеет некоторое отношение к безопасности, но т.к. приложения могут все равно читать всю сд карту, могут писать на внутреннее хранилище, не могут только писать на внешнюю сд карту -- с безопасностью все равно не очень гладко вышло. Соответственно, для не системного, не рутового приложения, на Note3+KitKat невозможно, например, удалить файл, создать папку за пределами /Android/data/<app package name>. При этом чтение (за пределами /Android/data/ ) происходит без проблем. Таким образом, например, созданные в системном Samsung My Files папки/скопированные им песни могут быть прочитаны Poweramp - если они располагаются за пределами /Android/data/ или располагаются в /Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer. Но некоторые другие приложения синхронизации не могут писать на карту, либо могут писать только в свою приватную область в /Android/data/<app package name>. Poweramp может свободно управлять треками (удалять, менять теги) во внутренней памяти, либо на сд-карте в /Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/. Спасибо!
  12. Poweramp doesn't define those drawables as state drawables, by default there are no states for press/focus, but you can just create new state drawable (xm file with states and references to actual PNGs) and use it as drawable for Poweramp "ab_***"). Thanks!
  13. Unfortunately, there is no way it's possible to polish app for specific custom ROMs bugs or add workarounds for them (especially audio driver/audio subsystem issues). We support some ROMs like CM, but we support their added features (like specific BT info handling), not bugs. Usually, such issues are resolved by simply updating to the next available ROM build. Thanks!
  14. Please send your request to poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com. Though, we can't guarantee we can do the transfer to other types of Unlocker. Thanks!
  15. While this is technically possible, this won't work on majority of devices (like Samsungs) as they forcibly enable speaker when notification comes. Such option is in our todo list though (for the minority of other devices)). Thanks.
  16. Poweramp decoders quality is the same as for stock recent players (for lossy formats, for lossless it should be bit-to-bit the same by definition). Poweramp, though, has much more optional DSP parameters, which can make sound better (subjectively) or worse, so you can start with some flat presets + bass/tone controls and go from there. You can get sound you won't be able to get from stock players or players using stock decoders. Some 4.2+ Android ROMs has about +3db attenuation in their decoding for some reason. This can be matched with Poweramp preamp moved a bit up. Thanks!
  17. On modern devices/ROMs, internal storage is represented as two paths: /storage/emulated/0 and /storage/emulated/legacy. Please go to Poweramp settings => Folders and Library/Music Folders and ensure only folders inside one such path (preferable /storage/emulated/0) are checked. Thanks!
  18. Can you please give a bit more details about your device (I can see some samsung launcher, but anyway), Poweramp version. Do you use separate widget pack or build-in Poweramp widgets?
  19. Never heard about Greenify. Poweramp has Facebook app, but it's not published and is frozen (not used). Thanks!
  20. Can you please send us the track it freezes on (to poweramp.maxmpz at gmail.com). If track is random, this is most probably related to AudioTrack API/audio driver and something that is out of control of app/developer. Internally we run each release build for 10-12 hours before publishing it on set of all supported format files. But we don't test on each possible ROM/device combinations out there) As for CM, we test on 10.1/10.2/10.3 on Samsung devices (S3). Thanks!
  21. While playing such high bitdepth/sampling frequency has little sense on mobile device, Poweramp v3 audio core fully supports it (and also gives few options for resampling quality, or allows bit-exact output where supported by the output device/plugin). Thanks!
  22. Sorry, but this is physically impossible - Poweramp can't raise your device audio power amplifier output voltage, or maximum power (volume). Thus, it can damage your buds no more than stock player can. Thanks!
  23. Re: v3 - this is on "when it's done" schedule, as there is no need for incomplete software which is worse than previous versions:) Thanks!
  24. Do you have beats on when listening to this sound? Try with beats off. Beats implement own volume control which is not comaptible with Poweramp DVC on some ROMs (or I would say, it's not compatible with high quality audio, as this noise is with or without Poweramp and hearable in any player - may be a bit less pronounced - for very low level sounds - this is so called Quantization noise introduced by limited precision of beats software dsp). Thanks!
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