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  1. 17 hours ago, LPW00 said:

    Maybe the issue isn't fixed after all. I just had that thing happen again.

    What exactly happened? If that was a track skip, are you sure track exists on the device, recognized and you can manually start it to play? Thanks!

  2. @LPW00 Poweramp has no problem to cache huge number of covers forever, but unfortunately, there are limits on available per-app memory (RAM). This memory limit does not strictly depend on actual device memory (OP1 has 3gb which is more than OK), but on Android per-app limits. These limits were pretty low back on Android 5-6 days, now they are much more flexible.

    As I can see you're on OP 1 @ Android 6.0, which can cache 153.6mb of images = 154 images in total  (or 307 images if RGB 24-bit is off). Actual loaded # of images will be a bit smaller. Unchecking Settings / Album Art / Use 24-bit RGB option will help a bit with number of cached images.

  3. Здравствуйте. Виджеты точно самого Poweramp или из стороннего Widget Pack? В общем то на Хуавеях виджеты работают нормально, возможно у вас перестают работать после какого-то события (например, обновления системы или плеера, перезагрузки)? Спасибо!

  4. Thanks for the report. When this happens, can you touch black screen there and there and does it respond (e.g. when you press near where pause/play is located on bottom mini player, does it pause? Or change tracks?). If that happens, this is GPU issue. To debug, please specify your device and Android variant (custom ROM if any) exactly. Thanks!

  5. Right, Album Artist category forces album artist tag on tracks played from it. This is mostly to match actual selected album artist everywhere. 

    I guess, I can add another option just for Album Artist category (Album Artist Label for Album Artists category), checked by default. Unchecking it will result in artists tag used for this category as well (the same way 2 other Album Artist options work).

    Thanks for the request. The option is a minor one and will be added to the next (non-bug-fix-only) build.

    PS Ideally, title/artist line/meta fields should be selectable (from a list of available tags/info). But, as these should be selectable per category type, UI for this gets complicated fast. 

  6. @teorouge Poweramp has a log of incoming and executed commands in Settings / Headset/BT / Last Processed Commands. You can make a screenshot from there or directly copy/paste or share the contents otherwise (via 3-dot menu there) and post here - this will make it clear if it’s player or device issue (and if some workaround for future builds is possible).

    For example, some devices sends multiple PAUSE commands on connection, may be this conflicts with the resuming after the call.

  7. On 6/24/2019 at 11:47 AM, Butterfly Dream shadow said:

    There is still a problem to ask for help, my phone set hi-res output when the sampling rate can not be selected to 44.1khz, mobile phone and PA output display are 44.1khz, but my external decoder display is indeed 48khz, another phone can not be set Below 96khz.

    It’s hard to say something not knowing exactly the phone model/output device/android version, but most devices out there don’t support 44.1kHz multiples on 3.5 output and they force resample everything to 48kHz multiples. Bt is different story, usb dac is another one.

  8. Again, if you find some track not played correctly, please share the failing track (via in app Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com) for tests. Thanks!

    Also, do you use SoX resampler? SoX was updated recently too, and I already identified and fixed few bugs in it, but it seems SoX may affect that skipping behavior you're describing. Does it help if SW resampler is enabled?

    @LPW00 btw I got your track, thank you, and there is zero issues with it for build 834.. Are you sure that’s the one failing?

    @SynekPablo there were few issues with codecs causing gapless failures in build 833, but for 834 all gapless test cases pass OK. Can you please send 2 files which fail to be gaplessly played for you? Thanks?