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  1. @ScarletNeko It's mostly because it's a hierarchy and every level is the same as previous - it can contain both folders and files in one list.

    If you mean you want different list mode for the "final" folder in the given hierarchy, I think it's possible. Thanks for the request.

  2. Poweramp properly sends its state. Playback state is not related to the tracks at all. Playback state can be playing or paused. Tracks can change in any state, or not change. So these are 2 parallel states, and it's not correct to assume player will change states when track changes (Poweramp doesn't - there is no gap or anything to make it paused between tracks).

    I'll check how new SLS works, I guess it just tested/polished for stock media player which pauses/resumes on each track change.

    PS Checked the code. Poweramp sends PlaybackStateCompat.STATE_PLAYING on track repeat to confirm it's in playing state. Unfortunately Poweramp doesn't have STATE_SKIPPING_T* states and thus it can't send them (due to many issues arising in other parts, like Android Auto support). Also, on repeat there is no skipping to anything anyway.

  3. 7 hours ago, djdjdj said:

    I solved long time ago with flyingdutchman'skin (Yaps skin)!

    With this skin you can make fonts bigger.

    A big bug is that you can't save skin's settings and if you update the skin you loose all.

    It's not skin's developers fault but it's PA issue. 

    Not exactly. The sample skin/skin sdk demonstrates what should be done to keep settings between skin rebuilds.

  4. I tested a similar usb dac and I can confirm it’s an UI issue as Samsung audio subsystem always reports 48k. O matter what is the actual dac sampling frequency is. Dac properly works on 192khz if it supports it. Actually, Samsungs usb dac ‘driver’ seems to always use 192khz, even if we actually send 48k to it. The UI issue is fixed for the next builds.

  5. If you mean the UI rendered by Android Auto app - it’s fixed and there is little to no control over it. As for Poweramp UI itself, rendered for example on Android car headunits, the car focused skin or skin options is a good idea and some steps in that direction are planned for Poweramp builtin skins as well (such as option to put album art  to the right or center).

  6. @DenisGuy unfortunately, fixing ROM is out of my reach and scope🙂The current workarounds is not using hi-res + DVC. Just use standard res with DVC for best equalization/tone/perceived quality or hi-res with No DVC for high numbers. On Huaweis, using Hi-Res output doesn't include higher quality DAC or amp mode (as is the case with Qualcomms).

    DVC is for very large equalization range. This is something that is not hi-res is for - flat raw sound as close to original captured as possible.

  7. @Crericper I test each build in normal scenarios on 120 devices over 24 hours - there is no change to battery consumption (one potentially battery consuming issue was actually fixed). Poweramp just have no code which will execute in the background except:

    - playback
    - scanning (can be triggered by system, but won't happen unless poweramp is on foreground or playing on Android 8+), if you uploaded some music recently, this is your case.
    - chromecast device discovery (won't happen unless poweramp is on foreground or playing on Android 8+)

    For more info see here: 


  8. On 10/9/2019 at 8:50 PM, knightnz said:

    One of the last couple of betas seems to have fixed an issue I was having where PA would randomly start playing a few minutes after disconnecting from my Android Auto head unit. That was embarrassing a couple of times, thanks Max!

    Interesting, I'm not aware of this issue. In any case you can check what caused the play command via Settings / <search> / Last processed commands

  9. Please try to use latest betas, the beep sound is disabled (you can disable it manually on your current Poweramp build -  Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Beep - uncheck), as those DAPs have issue with playing sound in parallel with hi-res output.

    The background playback will consume same or less battery vs stock player. If you're actively scanning new tracks, using visualizer - this will of course drain more memory.

  10. Actually, the device should be tested (by me) instrumentally as Samsungs have specific audio system (which always report 48kHz) - it may or may not use 192kHz, but it can't be easily seen via API Poweramp uses.

    Do you have by chance exact name/model of the USB dongle? Thanks!

  11. Hi.

    First, please check if tracks are physically there (in any file manager). Poweramp doesn't automatically delete anything (there should be user initiated Delete action).

    Poweramp also skips tracks with video (Settings / Library / Ignore Video Tracks) and tracks with the duration below some threshold (Settings / Library / Ignore Short Tracks), so you may want check those options.


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