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  1. If it clips for flat equalizer preset and other settings like preamp tone/reverb settings reset to 0 - then I guess issue is outside player (dvc or no-dvc won't matter). Thanks!
  2. maxmp

    Cyrillic names bug

    It works this way: - utf-8/unicode encoding - works out of the box, no settings - 8-bit encoding - supports just one language. To select encoding, use Settings / Library / Scanner /Tag Encoding (e.g. win-1251). By default this is set according to the phone region settings at the moment of Poweramp installation. Thanks!
  3. @Fennec Enabled absolute volume means Android sends 100% volume audio samples to BT device. BT device then changes volume on its side. While it has added benefit of one point volume control (your end BT device), it makes signal processing on phone side less viable, as almost all tracks out there are already using all available dynamic range. So there is no headroom to increase basses and otherwise do signal processing which increases signal amplitudes. If you don't use Equalizer/Tone or use them moderately you'll be good with no-dvc and the default settings (-6dB headroom by default) or even with no headroom (0dB - so no default decrease of volume). This is fine for e.g. car headunit with own tone controls and DSP. For headsets, if you're going to use Bass tone or substantial equalization (>6dB) I recommend disabling Absolute volume control (Media sync on Samsungs @Android 8-9). In this case full dynamic range is available to Poweramp with DVC On, and no need for extra headroom, but you'll get 2 points of volume control (phone and end BT device). In your case, Absolute volume is enabled. Either it's enabled or not becomes known when BT device is connected (or even only when it's actively playing). Thanks!
  4. @Lando Both Poweramp and Samsung ROMs have many builds for the year passed from Jan 2019, so yes a lot of development there. As for possible issue with sound on Samsungs, it's usually incorrect audio output, DVC, Media Sync (absolute volume) settings. Restore defaults + disabling media sync should resolve everything. Thanks!
  5. @Devilo Is this for some specific tracks, for all of them, or just happening randomly? What is your audio output and output device? If it hi-res have you tried non hi-res output? My test Huaweis (wide range of devices up to Mate 30 Pro) work OK with latest builds. Thanks!
  6. @MotleyG Interesting, I tuned that specific behavior for navbar toggling on LGs - I can't reproduce any artifacts now on my LG6/7/V30 (Android 8/9). Do you use 3rd party skin? Thanks!
  7. Try listening with Flat equ. preset and bass set on 0%. If no artifacts - your issue is in the clipping due to the high volume + high basses equalization. Limiter (LIMIT equalizer button) if enabled makes sound wow-ish around bass as well in this case. For DVC to work properly over BT, absolute volume should be disabled (on samsung devices prior Android 10 it's named media sync). The detailed info is given in Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control (DVC) page. Absolute volume means 100% volume samples are sent to the BT device - there is almost no dynamic range to apply any equalization. Good for Flat preset, no basses and DSP/tone/equalization done on the headunit. Thanks!
  8. @Willson right, @andrewilley is correct about that switch.
  9. @Margedion I replied (to same question) to you via email - some other 3rd party process, or system, or something is modifying Poweramp database, so it's nothing Poweramp can do with the broken database. My recommendation - don't use such stuff for Poweramp (patchers, xposed, and similar). Thanks!
  10. On Android 10 direct access to files is not available anymore, but your version of Poweramp still gets access to old (previously selected folders, via media_rw) and new ones. I guess you can try to unselect folders and it will keep previous one OR reset Poweramp data, but this clears too much (you can backup/restore settings though if needed). Thanks!
  11. I retested this switch. On m9t pro that Hi-Fi switch is required to be ON for Hi-Res output to be able to use 192kHz+. But enabling and disabling it otherwise doesn't produce noticeable artifacts and doesn't change DVC availability (Poweramp build 860, MIUI Global 11.0.1 Android 10). Same for just 9T (not pro) @ 11.0.1 Android 9. Thanks!
  12. @Luhccas from the log, hi-res on 3.5 output / BT and USB is supported up to 384kHz. Thanks!
  13. @goldenpis what rom exactly? And how exactly does it loose the access - you have too give access again or something else? Anyway, issues like this are usually associated with Files system app which contains permission folder dialog and file provider and keeps permissions. I guess in your case it’s unable to keep permissions or it’s cache/data deleted somehow. Thanks!
  14. playerState=1 means STATE_PLAYING. Poweramp can't pause in response to RESUME command as most devices out of there will behave incorrectly with Poweramp then. This is why it's ignored.
  15. @Luhccas please see here how to request hi-res support. BTW xperia 1 is nothing special in terms for hardware, it should work (though, my most recent tested Sony is XZ2 @ Android 10).
  16. Build 860: track numbers up to 999 track numbers from filenames limited to 99 max. translations updates Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! bug fixes and stability improvements Download Link: https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/file/65-poweramp-v3-build-859-uniapk/
  17. This may depend on try of output you're using, try switching between OpenSL / AudioTrack / HiRes output. Thanks!
  18. If player is not killed (on next start you don't see message about Poweramp being killed and playback resumes from mid-track), this is out of player scope. If you recently updated ROM, I would suggest re-pairing BT device to update descriptors. Some users get good results by changing BT AVRCP version in Developer settings. Thanks!
  19. What is the output device you're trying to use? Bit perfect means 100% volume and volume control outside Android device and resampling is not the main issue here.
  20. Hi, see around here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_api_lib/src/com/maxmpz/poweramp/player/PowerampAPI.java#L1490
  21. @fyourself issue with crashes on lower Androids fixed in the next build, thanks for the report.
  22. maxmp

    Scale bug

    Thanks for the report. I don't think there is any issue with folders hierarchy, as this all hierarchy has one scale level. You can't zoom first level to one value and expect other levels in different level. This is not folders -> files, but folders+files on each level type of list with the uniform scale everywhere.
  23. @andrewilley thanks for the details, I will try to test and reproduce this shortly. PS Fixed for the next build.
  24. It's already in build 859 - see Track Number: meta mode.
  25. @andrewilley can you share one of such podcasts? I want to look into naming / tags there. Poweramp will use number from filename only if no number tag exists, probably this should be limited by reasonable number like 99. Thanks!
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