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  1. me too. Album artist is the single most important tag. If you walk into a music store and you want to find an album by Beethoven, that is Album Artist. The artist is just the person who performed the work. For compilation albums, this is even more important. Grouping by artist is bizarre.
  2. So I bought the full version on Google play for £2.59 and used it for about 30 days or so. Then it expired and told me to buy something called the unlocker for another £2.59. Then when I opened the unlocker it told me not to use the full version or I would be charged yet another £2.59. My question (which is not discussed in the FAQs) is: What is the unlocker? Why do you need to buy something else to unlock software you have already bought? How many times do I need to buy this software? Which app do I open when I want to play music, Poweramp or the unlocker? Why did I have to pay Poweramp twice? Kind Regards.
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