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  1. Thanks heaps for fixing the ReplayGain bug - the files I was having trouble with with foobar2000 are now working. Currently in the process of rewriting my ReplayGain tags with foobar2000 (which is thankfully much faster than MusicBee at calculating them and will only take 10 minutes). Would be nice to have other ReplayGain tag formats supported in the future, but it is worth the effort to re-calculate them to finally have ReplayGain on a portable player!
  2. Is the dedicated search key most android phones have not dedicated enough (or usually hold menu button on others)? I do notice it seems to be a bit buggy though - the button doesn't always work for me. I do wonder if the equalizer and tone controls are needed at the top though (and could be replaced by a search button I guess - though it is already accessible from the menu as well). You can also get to the library to browse by tapping the current playing song (and search also returns albums/artists/composers etc.). I also wonder if filter and search should be better integrated. I do agree with
  3. I still can't get it to work. I even tried applying ReplayGain (with foobar2000 1.1.8) to a song that has never had ReplayGain applied (as removing it and adding it back with foobar2000 wasn't working), but it still doesn't want to work. I am puzzled that it seems to work for a few of my files (presumably the ones that had replaygain from ripping with DBPowerAmp) but not others. I have tried a complete library re-scan. Maybe I should try clearing data for Poweramp?
  4. Hi, First of all I absolutely love the new interface! (apart from I feel it is a little to easy to accidentally change track by swiping). I am having some issues with ReplayGain support not working very often. In the end I figured out it seems that MusicBee is writing ReplayGain tags in a different format (in MediaInfo they show as REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN etc.), they are also human readable in the file (possibly a different ID3 tag version?). There seem to be a bunch of different ReplayGain tagging methods. The tags work in Foobar2000 but it writes them out in a different format when saving new
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