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  1. Go to Library, then open the Menu and select "List Options" after that choose "Most Played" and/or any on the list. Close the window and the List should be there. Same Here, Playlist nor Queue plays the selected song but another in the list.
  2. Well I have been testing the beta for a few hours and what I can say about it is that i LOVE the new design. What i Like: -Lock Screen is EPIC, congrats. -I might disagree with some people but I like so much the default Skin. -DVC does increase Volume. -Help tool tips. Missing: -Album, Search, Folder, etc, is missing "Play / Play All" button. -Scrolling trough Artist/Albums/Folder no longer shows the Beginning Letter. Suggestions: -Remove Search, Lyrics and More from Player Menu. *Search, it may or it may not be there. Im not sure, (and probably could be wrong) but almost all Android devices have a search hard key. *Lyrics, This is a difficult one as it depends on the user refer to other user feedback/pool to know this. *More, I think that more button is a waste of space, this could be implemented as a gesture letting us to have an extra button. -Cross fade Slider, using slider is difficult if user wants precision specially when selecting small times. Bugs: -Sound sometimes get "corrupted" for just a pair of seconds. This is true while using other apps or even when lock screen activating. (Another commenter posted this issue before). -Accidental tapping on EQ while trying to Scroll trough window. (Known bug i think). Overall is a nice improvement from last version, it still need some polishing before being released to public but it looks and feels superb. Max you are doing a really good work on this, thanks for all. I'm looking forward for beta 2 already =)
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