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  1. Here is an example of what I'm thinking of (Photoshopped): http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l590/oneillperson/PowerAMPidea.jpg
  2. One of the coolest features of any music player is cover flow - a horizontal, scrollable list that shows the current album art as well as the album art of the previous and next songs. I love the Cover Flow from Google Music and a similar feature would be fantastic for Poweramp. It would go where the album art currently is. In addition, the cover flow could also show the currently-playing (and next) Title/Artist/Album information in line with each album cover (as seen in the picture below). Or, you could keep the tradition info display and just use the cover flow for album art images. http://i1
  3. I've been noticing that in the Player UI screen, a lot of screen space (over half) is used up by the album art. The song title and artist information are very tiny, in comparison, and are hard to read at a glance. This is especially annoying when there is no album art, but even so... It would be nice to have the option for bigger, more readable text and less screen given to album art.
  4. For new users to Poweramp, it might take them a while to figure out how to get back to the library or the list of songs that is currently playing. When I let other people borrow my phone to use the music player, they can never figure it out since it is so unintuitive. It requires that you either press the song name in the player UI, or press the menu button > folder/library. It would make the experience much better if there were two buttons on the top of the Player UI screen: one leading back to the main folder/library screen, and another leading back to the specific list of songs currently
  5. Hmmm. You could add the songs to the queue, but I think it would just play through all of them without stopping.
  6. In the current version it's inconvenient to get back to the library because it's hidden in the menu. So that a button for that should be added to the Player UI screen. There should also be a similar button to go to the Now Playing list of songs. I believe you can already do this by pressing the song name, but this method is difficult because it's easy to miss and instead skip to a different part of that song, especially on smaller screens. So there should be a dedicated button for that instead.
  7. Another thing you might consider is embedding the downloaded album art to .mp3 files. I'm not sure how difficult that would be...but it would be really helpful! The album art downloader is perfect right now, but it would be nice if I could embed those pictures into the .mp3 file as well for other use.
  8. I totally agree! When I swipe the album art to the right, I'd like it to show me the next song that will be played, without actually skipping to the next song. If I want to skip to the next song I'll press the >> button. I'm imagining something just like the iTunes cover flow.
  9. +1 This would be a really useful option. I guarantee I'd use it all the time.
  10. Feature request: pause music when media volume is set to zero.
  11. I've found one bug in v.3 when I go to Library > Genre > [X Genre] in grid view. There's no "All Genre Songs" button at the top...and when I click the top-right album, it takes me to all the genre songs instead of just that album.
  12. Beta 2 works fabulously on my stock HTC Incredible. No issues so far, and I like the improvements over beta 1. The transition between album art when swiping left/right in the player is pretty fast. Looking forward to the official V.2 release! Android with Poweramp > iPhone.
  13. I'm amazed...impeccable UI and impressive music quality!! Bugs/Problems: I agree. You could add a setting to remove those. Although the album art shows up fine in the Player view, it doesn't in the list view. Finally, we are system-media-scan FREE!!!
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