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  1. Tested the Stock Note 4 player in the car .... works properly.... on Lollipop... on 4.4.4 it was a stuttery mess. Sammy and Google finally learned something about software QC Power Amp is no longer a automatic choice. You will lose much of your install base unless you reinvent yourself soon.
  2. I have used Poweramp since my HTC Desire Z. It has been the clear choice for years. But it has always been missing one thing ..... ratings. Yes you can set ratings within Poweramp, but as if I am going to do that again for the 6000 tracks in my collection. I have already rated them on my PC along with mood and tempo with media monkey. I listen to music as its cut and buy my audio devices so they are sound right without equalization and boosting. Poweramp may be better there but listening to both at default settings the Samsung player sounds just as good or better with no changes. Init
  3. People are putting more and more music on their smartphones and some people even use their Android Phones and tablets as PC replacements and their primary music player .... What is missing is the ability to view the ratings of tracks before you choose them to play. Displaying the rating as the track is being played isn't really useful at all. So my request is: 1) Display the rating of tracks in the library view. For example ....... I open Poweramp, choose the Album Tab and then see a listing of albums, I tap an album "Best of Elton John" and see a listing of all the tracks on that alb
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