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  1. Hello, Why is it that only one song are added to my playlists when i try to add a whole album or when I add from a file-based m3u playlist? During the process it will say that it added all the songs but when i go check the playlist only one song is added. Anybody else have this issue?
  2. thanks for the updates max. sound quality is definitely better in v2. bugs i encountered: * replay gain with prevent clipping - volume is almost reduced to zero * when changing settings for replay gain and turning dvc on/off - player skips to the next song and it does not play from the beginning of the song. sometimes it plays at the middle, sometimes just a few seconds after the beginning * I always encounter FC when trying to browse the folders in list and heirarchy mode. grid mode is the only one working for me Also, can Poweramp read/play existing m3u playlist files. I have several that wo
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