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  1. Yes, but I have to do that on every track while playing, and I think that the mp3 album art must be showed by default.
  2. Hi, I have a lot of mp3 songs on my phone, all of them with their respective album art inside their id3tags, but I also have some larger mp3 files along with its cue files. Things are that the album art is not displayed when I play mp3 with cue files, it shows no cover art. Could it be implemented? (showing the mp3 album art when playing mp3 with cue files). Thanks for this super app.
  3. Hi, this Poweramp is the best out there... Scenary: I have a long MP3 file with several songs within the mp3.... I have a cue sheet file for the mp3.... the mp3 file has a cover album in it, but when I play it the album art is missing. Is it a known issue, or could it be fixed or implemented? thanks
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