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  1. I tend to use the queue to keep a steady flow of music running while I work/exercise/whatever. As a result, what I pretty much do is fill it up and keep adding to it as I "work" through it. What I would like to have is an option where Poweramp will automatically remove tracks I have listened to (preferably, only if they have been listened to all the way) so that the queue remains at a manageable state. As-is, I stop adding at a point and clear the queue when I get to the end.
  2. I would also love a feature to accomplish this, for pretty much the same reason.
  3. If you search your library right now you can add individual tracks to the queue by long pressing, then selecting "Enqueue". However, what I am looking for is an easy way to search and then add all of the search results to the queue. The use case is this: I am assembling a queue, generally fairly long, for a working session. A number of the albums I have purchased have extremely large track counts. "99 Essential ...", "50 greatest...", etc. Very frequently, these have large subsections that could have formed a whole on their own. This is especially true with classical music where multiple distinct works are mixed onto one "album" and I want to select a single work. So, I search for the name of the work and the selection of tracks come up and I want to grab the whole set and append them to the queue without grabbing each track manually or putting the entire album onto the queue.
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