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  1. Not sure that Audi would listen if I told them they messed up things Does that means that nothing can be done on your side ?
  2. Besides, by seeing this I thought it might be the car but.. With other players it doesn't happens (I use AP since a few years now, really don't want to change my habits ^^).
  3. I did know about saved positions but not really interested by that. There you go, your last processed commands. Cheers, Laurent
  4. Hi, I had Poweramp running fine with my previous car but since I got a new one..when it connects/autoplay (whether by starting the engine, being paused because of external interruptions, etc) the track that was paused is just skipped. Must say that this is quite boresom as I got a lot of tracks of 120+ minutes It seems that this issue exist since a while https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/5052-often-skips-to-next-track-after-car-stereo-returns-to-bluetooth-music-playback/ But anyway, maybe since then a fix has been found. Cheers!
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