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  1. Ok, looks like I'm talking to myself in here, but whatev.... sometimes thinking out loud helpsl I'm now getting convinced the problem is in the widget or lock screen. I've disabled both, cleared the app cache, wiped out all the music and playlists on my phone, and then re-loaded them from MediaMonkey. Guess what... It's working again! The .m3u playlists are showing up again with all their songs, and I can play them directly! Yay! We'll see how long it lasts, and maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try the widget or lock screen again.
  2. Ok, this is maddening. The problem changed today. Now, when I re-sync my phone from MM4, the m3u playlists are empty in Poweramp! I can't find a way to get it to see the files in the playlists... This is exactly the problem I was having on the external SD card, and now it's happening on the internal card. If I "Re-scan", then all the playlist get erased! Completely gone! I've seen other discussion about playlist problems, without any of them being resolved in any straighforward way. This seems like it should be so simple. Does anyone have any thoughts about what might be happening? What
  3. I Just starting using Poweramp today after a few years with Winamp. I like the sound quality and control and skins of Poweramp better, BUT... *>> I'm totally frustrated trying to get my playlists working! I spent some time scanning this forum for an answer, but haven't found a real one yet. I use Mediamonkey 4 on my laptop and it works great for loading my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S [android 2.2] with music and .m3u playlists. *>> I can't get Poweramp to include new playlists when they are sync-ed onto my phone. I have the Folders/Library Scanner set to use Auto-scan, Initial sca
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