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  1. yes i did try everything. Even a clean rom installation. I do believe that it has to with MIUI.. a conflict / incopatibility or something. But again that's something that has not been happening with the stable. I'm unable to test the beta versions because of this.
  2. @Max: I'm still getting that --> Since Beta 1. After this visually corrupted screen, my phone just freezes and i need to pull out the battery for it to work again. This does not happen with the stable version nor with any other app tested. I'm on MIUI Rom, ideos x5 (u8800)
  3. This is what i'm getting for songs with cover art:
  4. First bugs i encountered: * Album artwork is messed up on player screen. The colours displayed are like a broken screen. * System Playlists (media scanner) take forever to load and they don't display album/artist tags, although they do display fine on the player screen * UI tends to be unresponsive compared to the stable version and getting hot reboots when that happens * Replay gain when set with prevent clipping, tends to lower the volume all the way down, even when the audio doesn't peak ps: this beta version solved my m4a issues on huawei u8800 2.3.5 (could it be just corrupted settings? i
  5. Installing as we speak Such a great day...
  6. Great news! Excuse me for posting this on totally wrong section, but i tried posting it in the bugs section only to be prompted that "an admin has to aprove my message" and my account got deleted 2-3 days after that for no reason. I bought Poweramp months ago and i love it. However i tried to reduce my music library's size, by converting my mobile songs to m4a (HEAAC 64KBps, artwork embedded) using NeroAACEncoder. Poweramp now refuses to playback the songs showing a "cannot play file" error in every m4a file. Those files do playback correctly with the stock music app and competitor apps as we
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