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    Can I send current song info to a web server

    I successfully set tasker as in your example above to send track name and other info to a server (thanks a lot), but how to obtain the same result on STATUS_CHANGED event instead of TRACK_CHANGED event? With TRACK_CHANGED I have the bundle string on %track, but with STATUS_CHANGED (eg. after play/pause) %track is empty acording to doc track should exist: * STATUS_CHANGED status value - track has been started to play or has been paused. * Note that Poweramp will start track immediately into this state when it's just loaded to avoid STARTED => PAUSED transition. * Additional extras: * track - bundle - track info * paused - boolean - true if track paused, false if track resumed *
  2. mmorselli

    Why no album length?

    Any news about this? Should be very usefull for training or running...