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  1. the app "Car Tunes" does a fantastic job of voice controlled searching, unfortunately the rest of the features are a little lacklustre at the moment. I would love it if Poweramp included voice search functionality in the paid version.
  2. Thats a shame then, what about the next two items? Flashing the playlist name briefly on the homescreen widget (i use the 4x1) when switching between playlists using the << >> buttons would be very handy for me, and the ability to add a playlist shortcut to the homescreen (winamp can do this) would also be great.
  3. Poweramp is a great music player, there are however three main features i would really like to see before upgrading to paid version. Control from notification bar: Basically same controls as the 4x1 widget in the notification drop down so music can be changed without having to open player or go to home screen widget. Show playlist on widget: With the 4x1 player widget it would be great to flash the playlist name instead of song/album for 0.5 - 1 second when you cycle using the << and >> buttons so i can quickly see which playlist i'm switching to. Playlist shortcuts: It would be go
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