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  1. If the lyrics are for display only (not copyable), do you know if then it is still a copyright issue? Thanks, -Jerry
  2. I think the exit after 30 seconds is a great idea, especially if the API won't support an exit function. But I'm now wondering, how does the Dolphin HD browser terminate itself when you use its exit button, any idea? Thanks, -Jerry
  3. Hello again, Man, I sure hope you don't charge by implemented requests... ...but anyway - would it be possible to have a plugin (or built-in function) to download lyrics for songs that don't have them embedded (ala Amarok or Banshee?) Thanks and regards, -Jerry
  4. Hi, I prefer to keep the status/notification bar hidden while in Poweramp (much more pleasing, aesthetically). Would it be possible to have it displayed when the menu button is pressed, like it does in the EVO's web browser? This way, you wouldn't have to navigate away from Poweramp to view your notifications. Thanks and regards, -Jerry
  5. Hi, On my PalmOS Treo, I had a utility program that worked along with Pocket-Tunes. It let you set up various button press combinations, for example - short press & long press - raise volume n% (you could specify the percentage) long press & short press - lower volume n% long press & long press - previous song It also had a configurable time-out for the time between presses, and a confirmation beep. I don't know if this is possible, but I'd love to see it implemented... Thanks and regards, -Jerry
  6. I'd also like to see an exit button/function. Cheers, -Jerry
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