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  1. I tried them all (literally), Poweramp is the best and most powerful music player on android. But, of course, it could be better. 1. Search results shorting. Usually it shorts closest match for albums>artists>songs. But I like to see closest songs>artists>albums. I know this is too personal, but it really annoys me. At least a simple "search shorting options" under settings would be great. 2. A-B loop playback. This is a main absence on a pro music player like Poweramp. 3. Music frequency progress bar (like soundcloud). I saw it on a concept music player app and just loved it. You can actually see the song and skip the lower or higher frequencies with one click. Great idea for both design and function. 4. Lyrics. Its not functional on current version. When you open a song lyrics from tag, you say goodbye to the player. Can you add a transparent and scrollable layer on album art area for lyrics? And an option under settings or "options" menu to "show lyrics" (if available)? Thank you for reading.
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