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  1. Poweramp itself doesn't scrobble, Last.fm does, it should "listen" to what Poweramp is playing but it is generally very unstable (as seen on play store reviews), it hasn't been updated for some time either.
    Most likely the app could have been killed and stopped working.
    Maybe try other apps?  You remember to disable scrobbling via last.fm if you try them.
    I heard Scroball is good,
    also used Simple Scrobbler but was having some issues recently with it when playing repeat-one song mode

  2. Just updated on the play store.
    The buttons look fine when configuring the widget but not when on the homescreen

    1. They have black background while it should not be any
    2. Play/Pause button is empty when not playing and "previous track" when playing (as per attached screenshot)
    3. Other various styles have similar problems with buttons (on some they are white transparent etc)

    No PA custom skin is being used, button theme "None",
    Nova Launcher, widget was removed and added back to the homescreen, and issue persists

    OnePlus 7Pro, Android 10 (Stock Oxygen OS)

    Screenshot (15 Oct 2019 18_40_47).jpg

  3. scrobbling keeps track of each and any songs played, therefore at the moment it's not really working

    for me "repeat one" would be like having a playlist of one song that keeps getting queued at the end.

    and that's probably the only workaround at the moment, each song I have to add to separate playlist and play in "repeat list" mode

  4. There was a new release of SLS (Simple Last.fm Scrobbler) for Android 10.
    I raised the issue with SLS but after looking at its source code, I believe the issue could be with Poweramp

    New SLS version no longer uses Implicit Broadcast as those are banned for Oreo and up and, looks like it uses "Media Session Manager Google" code (via Notification Listener permission).

    Looking at the SLS code a bit further, we can see it uses MediaController/PlaybackState etc classes to keep up with music track changes.
    For example, if music track state changes to STATE_SKIPPING_TO_NEXTSTATE_SKIPPING_TO_PREVIOUS or STATE_SKIPPING_TO_QUEUE_ITEM - it will consider the track to be "complete" as seen on SLS github

    The issue is however that playing track in "Repeat One Track" mode (loops same track) DOES NOT CHANGE STATE on track completion, before restarting it again,
    scrobbling does happen only first time (as per SLS setting to do it when reaches 50% of the track) but not again, unless I manually change track to the next one.

    I have tried with clean data of both apps and the issue still persisted.
    I just had a quick check with "adb shell dumpsys media_session" and it seems it is kept at:

    state=PlaybackState {state=3, .....

    (although I tried to run adb as quickly and as many times I could, maybe I missed it changing to state=10 .. or maybe Poweramp didn't do it because it starts playing back same song without changing Playback state)


    I suspect that something is wrong with REPEAT in "one track" mode not setting PlaybackState correctly? I would imagine in the repeat one track, it should fire STATE_SKIPPING_TO_NEXT on the track completion?
    Would appreciate if someone can take a look at Poweramp code and confirm? 

  5. I can see that song is being sent by SLS and on the page it appears "X minutes ago" where X is when the song started.

    Therefore I am assuming that Poweramp is sending wrong timestamp of "when the song started" when playing Repeat Song mode,

    Nearly sure, it sends the timestamp of the very first play with each consequituve plays, and that's why it's rejected/ignored by Last.fm

    Would be nice if Max can take a look at code based on my above assumption

  6. @danhash

    are you listening tracks in Repeat Song mode? (ie. one track 20+ times)

    For me it scrobbles first time in completes, but as it continues playing same song again, it's not scrobbled. 

    It is sent by SLS every time (either then or when pushed manually), just second and consequituve plays do not appear on the Last.fm page, indicating it was rejected (ie. bad metadata/timestamps)

    When using Repeat List mode, it seems fine

  7. @andrewilley 

    seems to have same or similar problems


    bythe looks it scrobbled but stops when it gets unloaded from the memory by Android system and those scrobbles are lost sometimes after few tracks, sometimes misses few tracks and stars again, since the Last.fm app is fairly dated I guess it's not designed to work with latest Android. 

    Such issue doesn't happen with SLS such keeps tracks internally, though scrobbling seems to be lost after sending it to the last.fm servers (SLS troubleshooting is suggesting data/metadata/timestamps etc that is being sent might be wrong)

  8. Despite numerous reports during early v3 the scrobbling is still NOT working.

    Using Simple Last.fm scrobbler 1.5.7 on BOTH V2 and V3 only V3 has the issue.

    Interesting fact is that SLS shows sending scrobble but Last.fm does reject it (ignore), that points PA V3 is sending wrong/incorrect data.


    The issue seems to happen only when playing song in "repeat 1" track mode.

    The first time it plays the song (ie. after app start or after starting new song manually) it is scrobbled correctly. The second time song finishes, and any next one (from auto playing same track) it fails to scrobble correctly.

    If I had to guess, V3 does not report metadata correctly, likely song times,ie. it reports track ended with wrong times?

    Can this be looked at as priority?



  9. had to rollback to the stable version, found that this build has problems with Scrobbling (with Simple Scrobbler)


    I listen 1 track multiple times before switching to another one, looks like whenever I leave Poweramp playing 1 track over and over and not controlling it at all (play/pause/prev/next) it only adds that track once to the scrobbler, any consecutive play does not seem to show in simple scrobbler cache (not being added by Poweramp?)


    If I had to guess it might be something to do with ending play of a track and starting with new one, on old one seems to be play-track,stop(and scrobble),play-track,stop(and scrobble),.... 

    new Poweramp seems to maybe not handling "stop" the same way as before?


    not sure if that's consistent and happening all the time but it doesn't seem to be issue at all on stable


    I backed up data, installed build 700, installed stable (play store), restored data only and scrobbles fine on stable all the time

    looking forward for next build with this fixed (it's rather must have feature for me as I scrobble everything for over 7 years)



    N6 with 6.0.1, MMB29K

  10. this is a nice update, didn't expect visualisations, pleasantly surprised,

    on N6 it runs very nice and smooth, will give it a spin for few days and test

    two questions:

    - new permission (accounts on device), what is it for?

    - could we please add "rating" tag support as part of "improved info/tag editing"? as person who rates all tracks I listen it's rather important to finally get it done (and was promised to be done at one point ages ago)


    Issues noticed 

    (also in stable) when switching user (user profile, on a device itself), music stops playing (that's OK) but if you plug headphones music starts playing again despite being on a different account. I think it, if possible, app should recognise current (phone user) profile is different than the one app is running. Possibly worth checking if app properly supports Multi-User functionality

    - (not sure if stable as well) when editing Genre tag, text is not visible (white background, white text), btw. the popup also looks like from Android 2.x so maybe worth making it look bit less out of place

  11. I have to complain as well.



    Shame Poweramp restrictions are hitting legitimate buyers. Could we have an update from the Developer(s) about it?

    I don't want to give up neither, Poweramp or XPrivacy - seems, as per XPrivacy investigation that the issue is with PA side.


    The checks on PA are too much, to the point they are (or will) start to fuel piracy - as per this example, many people, including those who bought the app will not just want but will HAVE to use pirated version in order for both apps to work. 


    Can we please be ensured that Poweramp is going to change restrictions in order for XPrivacy to work?

  12. Hi



    Is it going to be included in the next release? I am waiting for it for months, at least from October when I suggested this functionality (over email then found this thread).


    It is 15 months from this topic creation and nearly 12 months since it was said to be in the next update.


    I can see new update coming soon as seen in the http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-Poweramp-209-build-527-updated-24-april-2013/

    But there is nothing about rating that.

    Could we get clear info if this is actually coming or not? Would like just to know if I am suppose to expect it or not? 


    With my rather large music library I am relying on rating tag to know which tracks are worth listening to, now all the selection have to be done externally, eg on a PC which is very uncomfortable. 


    It would be nice to know the state of this feature request.


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