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  1. With the situation if you are using a phone with CyanogenMod 9/10 customized rom and doesnot have Wolfson DAC Chip (which can be enhanced by Voodoo instead of DSP), apollo provides a better original sound quality than Poweramp. However after tuning the EQ in Poweramp, apollo can't go elsewhere anymore since dsp eq setting is very weak.
  2. As Poweramp doesnot support DSP Manager in CM 9/10, its sound must not as good as Apollo.
  3. I think it is better to use mp3tag to insert album art into songs individually. It supports several format. Each song size will increase proportionally which depends on that photo size.
  4. As what i know, all flac with 32 bits cannot be played by pap. Plus all flac in 16 bits or 24 bits 192khz and 88.2 khz cannot be played also. if you play then pap will crash
  5. Hi, I have tried to input the lyric into FLAC songs . I tried two methods but neither of them could make it work in PAMP. First one is Musicbee. It added a tag labelled "<LYRICS>" but PAMP won't read it. Second one is Foobar 2000. I added an extra tag "LYRICS" but still won't work. Can anyone helps? I don't want to use musicxmatch.
  6. It is a good idea in fact! I love SA in foobar 2000 Plus I wanna ask what the uses of "DVC" and "Limit" in EQ page
  7. Actually I got the same situation as well. I compared two different condition with same spec. phone/OS/ CF root....... And I found that the scrolling speed in 1.4 is really faster than 2.0
  8. I have gotten some problems. 1: It wouldn't update the tag of sound tracks after rescanning music folders. 2: It wouldn't delete the sound tracks in the list that were scanned after I deselected the folders which containing them. 3: The widgets which from those widget pack and app itself would not update sometimes. After some songs were played, the album art , sound track info, or even everything won't update and kept the previous song info. This is the suggestions: 1: Could you add a controller of player in statues bar? Like a box having some buttons and album art. Thank you.
  9. That means I need to replace the pictures by unzipping and repacking it? But it seems to be hard for those users that are not good at java script included me. Actually why I had this idea is some apps in Market can do the same as I said.
  10. Hello,Max I wanna design the layout by myself. I have waited it to be created for a long while. So that could you make PA to have some functions that can automatically read layout pictures in a specifically folder and treat them into a theme and I can choose it in the Setting Menu. If you can do so, I will be thankful to you! <<Edward from Hong Kong. >>
  11. I totally think it is a awesome software. No matter quite many bugs were found. I am using Galaxy Tab 7 with 1024x600 pixels screen, 2.3.3 Official Rom. Here are two problems I have found: 1: When there is another app processing with nearly 10% or more CPU usage. What I am listening will suddenly become abnormal. It is similar to a CD player playing a CD with scratching plastic surface. It didn't appeared specifically to only one app. :cry: 2: The size of screen is not fit to 1024x600. I think that it would be better without hiding the notification bar and show everything without scrolling
  12. Want 2.0 now. Can't wait anymore. I have waited for few months! Just release it now! I want new interface!
  13. Thanks for the attention on 2.0 progress, I'm quiet as I don't have time and resources for a forum currently, as Poweramp v2.0 development continues. ETA for beta is August. Some non-essential planned features are deferred (v2.x+ releases) to make Poweramp v2.0 release a reality. Additional skins and skin SDK will take additional time, full market release will be when these are done. I have been waited for half a month. Since you said that it would be released at the end of july. But however it didnt happened. But never mind, just keep on going and hopefully a good version can be released.
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