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  1. Another feature that would be really nice would be a pause between tracks. It is rather disconcerting to have a track end and the next track start playing immeadiately. Thank you for an otherwise spectacular product. Poweramp works great on my motorola droid razr M and also with bluetooth to either my car or my bluetooth headphones. I have a 64GB SD card with 29 GB of music files. The droid only support a 32 Gb SD card, but I only have to remount my card about once or twice a week. More annoying is the preinstalled app AcousticWarning that lowers the volume on my phone whenever I switch to either the phone or any music player. I just have to remember to disable the app whenever I reboot my phone (every morning.)
  2. The volume decrease is probably controlled by an app called AcousticWarning. It seems to be preinstalled on many new smartphones. Aside from rooting your phone, the only other alternative is to disable AcousticWarning every time you reboot your phone. Complain to your carrier.
  3. <bump> I have the same issue with a Motorola Droid Razr M and my Subaru Forester. I am still waiting for a working link to an earlier version so I can go back to an earlier version that works.
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