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  1. I'd love Chromecast support too. I currently use an Apt-X Bluetooth streaming audio receiver in the car, this works well.I could get another one for my house, but I don't want yet another box when I have a Chromecast.
  2. Poweramp is a great player but forgetting where you are in a song is a massive PITA for me. lets say I am listening to a song, with the currently play song screen active. and I tap the title to take me to the playlist. I can then see the list with an active progress bar. If I tap that song in the list, I go back to the current song playback screen BUT the song restarts!!! I have to lick the small arrow bottom left which is nearly invisible (black theme) instead. yeah, this is really great design. Poweramp is richly featured and pretty bug free, but I think the programmer needs to watch usability tests to see how people try and use it... principles of least suprises and all.
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