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  1. Hi Max, thank you for your answer. But as Andre statet, this does not solve the Problem! If it is too diffucult to CHANGE the behaviour of the >, >>, < and << buttons (both at the screen AND at the BT-remote control!) it would help me if they could be deactivated. It happens some times that I accidentially hit one of theses buttons and my position within the lecture is los. And as Andre statet quite well it is really a devils job to find the last position. But perhaps it is possible to make them changeable to skip 15''' and skip 30''. This would really be a very valuable enha
  2. Thanks a lot for this amazing player! I really love it! My special feature request is the following: Because I listen a lot to quite long talks and lectures (< 1h long), it is very unpleasant if a accidently hit the << or >> button either on the screen or on my BT-headset and the player skips to the next MP3, because I then have difficulites manouvring back to the place I was in my lecture. So what I really would appreciate if I could disable the <<>> buttons or even better give them another function: not skip to the previous / next song but skip i.e. 30 seconds bac
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