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  1. I support this idea with all my heart. Currently, Poweramp is not really suitable for audiobook/podcast listening, especially if you do it in a foreign language and have to go backward from time to time. Extra buttons (or the change in function) could obviously be user-customizable, and everyone would be happy .
  2. That's a great idea, especially with the slider. Plus, it would make ratings really useful.
  3. I know it's not what you're looking for but there are many dedicated apps for audiobook listening, some of them pretty good. That's what I do: use Poweramp for music and an audiobook app for audiobooks (still undecided what to do with some random podcasts/radio recordings, though). That said, I would love to have this feature!
  4. I was surprised myself, as I haven't found it straight away, in contrary to a couple of posts complaining about this problem, with no solution whatsoever. As mentioned above, it works with the library and folder view, and it is not visible at the first sight - you have to choose "more" from the song context menu first.
  5. Thank you! Luckily enough, it is possible from the library/folder menu but that's always 1-2 more clicks .
  6. Is it currently possible to send a file directly from Poweramp (share via... menu)? I've just found this feature in the library/folders menu but is it possible to set the played file directly from the player view, like in the default player?
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