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  1. Thanks Andre, I will give those options a go and get back to you with the results. It will be a few days I suspect before I get back to this list. This is kind of a low priority issue so I will get to it when I get some spare time. Appreciate your advice. Cheers Darryl
  2. Hi Folks, Galaxy Note II Using External SD Card Power Amp 2.0.8-Build-525 (Full Version) Power Amp has permission to scan 2 folders on the External SD Card (/Music and /Playlists) The playlists were originally from iTunes. Used Winamp to create them as M3U playlists to the PC hard drive (Export Playlist) Copied the playlists from the PC HD to the GalNote II Ext SD Card (/Playlist Folder on External SD Card) (Obviously copied the actual MP3 files over to /Music on the External SD Card as well) Now.... The MP3's all show up fine in Poweramp (under "Albums", "Artists" etc) and play back fine. I can see the custom M3U Playlists under the "Playlists" Menu in power amp. However the playlists are empty - (Not Loaded Yet). I am guess this is because the path in the original M3U playlists doesn't match the External SD path to the same tracks (maybe... or maybe not, as I said, just guessing). Can someone please give me a hand and explain what I am doing wrong here. Cheers Darryl.
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