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  1. Hope you guys can help. I searched the web for this topic, but couldn't get it to work. What i want: using Tasker and intents to set a certain equalizer. I somehow figured out - reading the API instructions - to set variables when the equalizer is changed, but the ID of the equalizer isn't set, the value is always blank, and from what I understood the ID is needed to set the equalizer via intent. So, how is it possible to find out the ID's of my equalizers and how to set them via Tasker, it seems to be possible, but I can't get the right information from the API? Thanks
  2. My tags sometimes contain more than one cover art, Poweramp only recognizes the first one. It would be a cool addition if the app could recognize all embedded arts.
  3. Surely I could use another app for that, but that doesn't solve the problem as I also have a third category of audio files ( live comedy events) which also had to be used in another app. Besides this being a possibility or not it would make a great feature for shuffling the order of albums when I'm in a specific folder whose sub- folders I want to be shuffled rather than all audio containing folders.
  4. Exactly, to be more precise it would be cool to be able to select the folder whose sub- folders I want to be shuffled ( either only songs or the lists/ folders).
  5. Hi, I have a little problem regarding the shuffle lists feature. But first I start with explaining my folder structure for a better understanding. I have a main folder for all my audio files, this folder contains 2 sub folders: audiobooks, music. The music folder contains folders for each album artist and each of these contains the albums. The audiobook folder contains folders for the book series and each of these contains the books. So while listening to an album I long-click on the shuffle icon and select shuffle lists, songs in order. The problem here, the audiobooks get shuffled too, altho
  6. It would be if it supported Album artist.
  7. Because it would cut off my synchronisation settings in my home network and it doesn't look elegant (sorry, no better word). It shouldn't be a great issue to have a detection of a special file (as mentioned it works with AlbumArt.jpg so why not with another file?) to acquire a special sorting.
  8. But what about using the ID3 tags of the songs inside the folders to sort them by year? Or something like a text file which is placed inside the folder (like the AlbumArt.jpg) and gets recognised by Poweramp.
  9. Long click on the repeat options icon (main screen, bottom left in album art screen) and select repeat off, I guess right now you have advance list set. After the last song the player stops and gives you a toast message that the list is finished
  10. I know this works quite well when in library and viewing albums from an artist they get sorted by year. However in folder view they are sorted alphabetical and cannot be resorted. I tried the by year sort but it only affects the files in the folder not the folder itself, sorting songs by track number works great but sorting folders is what I miss. Sure I could use the library view, but as it doesn't support album artist it is useless to me and so I have to use the structure of folders. By the way, my folder structure looks like: Music Albumartist ( are sorted alphabetical and sh
  11. +1 really needs to be implemented. What I also would like to see is support for multiple artists, I use this pattern: artist1; artist2 in my tags (FLAC) and Poweramp only shows artist1 as artist.
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