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  1. Thanks a lot! Searching on Xoom (3.2) works great and fast now.
  2. cool. I like to be a betatester. let me know.
  3. I have that problrm even files are only on internal memory. fokus Log: http://db.tt/qlPyCmIu
  4. Hi, I can not search on my xoom cause there is no hardware search button. long press of menu button does not work. Fokus
  5. Hi, i would love the following: Well, each song needs an individual equilizer setting for perfect sound. So what do you think to give us the option to safe setting to each song? i.e. When i set up the EQ while a song is playing ther could be a save option "safe to actual song" and PA could write a smal eq-info-file into the song folder. Next time the song is playing this file could be read out by PA. Greetings from Germany Fokus
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